Purple Therapy online store is specialising in a specific areas where we feel a download pack  approach will have the best results.  There are plenty of hypnosis and hypnotherapy download sites where you will find downloads consisting of little more than a common script being read with maybe some random ‘relaxation’  background music. Some sites have popped up over the last couple of years and concentrate on selling these generic scripts and  covering many many subjects where clearly all the time and effort has been spent of social media marketing. Quantity over quality. They are usually 30% – 50% off for a never ending “limited time'”  Incredibly, I have even heard hypnotherapy downloads being spoken by an AI  (computer generated) voice. If you know anything about hypnosis then you will appreciate how truly ridiculous that is!   Our approach is different and we concentrate on the subjects in which we have both experience and expertise with a  MP3 or MP4 download approach. Face to face hypnosis is the best – absolutely no doubt about it. A  high quality video session over Zoom or  MS Teams or similar is maybe second best. But there is most certainly a place for a download. Sometimes a specialist subject or problem requires specialist knowledge from a hypnotherapist or psychotherapist – and the local guy who has completed a weekend online course after losing their job –  just will not cut it.    How are we different?  Lets cover the common questions that you should ask

Are the hypnotherapist trained with an accepted accreditation?

Are the hypnotherapist registered with the GHR – General Hypnotherapy Registrar?

Are they insured with proper Hypnotherapist insurance?  (Not just general public liability insurance)

Why Purple?

The late great Milton Erikson is said by many to be the founder of modern solution focused hypnosis, although he was colour-blind. However, strangely enough, he could actually see the colour purple and he would often wear purple clothes. So the name is a tip of the hat to Milton and much of my training was in Eriksonian hypnosis. 

A note about Mike our founder…..

Hello – Despite his apparent youth, Mike has semi retired to spend more tim with his Grandkids, Cameras, Motorcycles and Wife – but not necessarily in that order 🙂 The  exception of course is  a few longstanding friends and clients (you know whu are) who he still sees on a face to face basis.  The online side of Purple Therapy using YouTube and other Video / Audio media will continue to develop in some important areas, mainly  Phobia,  PTSD and Cult recovery. The links below will be updating shortly. But for now it all looks a bit weird as we test stuff.

But if you would like to contact me you can drop me an email mike@purpletherapy.com  or you can call, message. WhatsApp me on 07792 206849  – or there is a little form below



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