Binge Eating Stop it now

Binge or unnecessary eating is explored and hypnosis is used to overcome it in this exclusive new sesion. Most overweight people will find themselves binge eating. It does NOT mean continually manically eating which is a popular misconception. This is one of the core downloads for those wishing to lose weight.

This is very different to the downloads you will find elsewhere. It is not simply a generic “induction” script followed by a few minutes of basic hypnotic “instructions” This is a tried and tested advanced hypnosis session – entirely dedicated to binge or problem eating eating. Most overweight persons will binge eat in some form or another, whether it be through boredom, anxiety or other reasons. Start here – you will be amazed. This download was devised by Lyn Cole and is a result of successfully working with weight loss clients for over 15 years. Lyn is a fully qualified Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Master NLP, EFT and EMDR practitioner.

This download as well as employing modern hypnotic techniques, also uses background brainwave binaural audio which enhances the meditative effect. It is best listened to with earphones or headphones if possible – but this is not essential.

You and your Fridge.

Do you find yourself continually making trips to the fridge to see what might have changed?

Is this sometimes from boredom? You are not really hungry – but just dont seem to be able to stop yourself?

Do you have to resist opening a packet of biscuits (or something similar) because you just know that packet will be gone in double quick time once you have started.

Worked just brilliantly

“Worked straight away – the very next day I was no longer drawn to food”


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